Universal MAGBench BDM adapter kit

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Universal MAGBench BDM adapter kit

4 Adapters (FLK04) only


4 adapters kit for BDM programming

This is not a full set of adapters. These are 4 tax adapters. (Bosh, Siemens, Marelli and Delphi)

The complete set with the BDM Frame will also include:

 FLX4.10 Universal MAGBench Articulating Arm for Adapters

 FLX4.10G Universal MAGBench: JTAG TOYOTA Renesas / NEC adapter

The cheapest and best option

is to buy Full Frame Set with all adapters

Universal MAGBench BDM adapter kit

Adapter kit for the programming of Bosch, Siemens, Marelli and Delphi ECUs in BDM mode(FLX4.10A, FLX4.10B, FLX4.10C, FLX4.10E). All the adapters included in the kit are equipped with LED lighting and a microchip that allows FLEX to recognize the ECU model.

Inside the package you will find

SKU codes Description Quantity Info
FLX4.10A Universal MAGBench BDM Bosch adapter
FLX4.10B Universal MAGBench BDM Siemens adapter
FLX4.10C Universal MAGBench: BDM Marelli adapter
FLX4.10E Universal MAGBench: BDM Delphi adapter
FLX8.11 FLEX Branded Box

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