Immo Tool is advanced Immobilizer repair Tool has been developed since 1997 and used to repair immobilizer issues in vehicles with faulty ECU's or Immo Boxes or when all keys have been lost. It is OBDII tool with various Renault car electronic control unit internal memory modification functions, such as Read/Write EEPROM or FLASH, Clear Immobilizer Code, Read Immobilizer Status and Program Cards. There is no need to open control unit, de-solder memory IC or connect any wires directly to it.
You can find download link to PDF file on our website or producer website

Connection Manual for Renault CAN/K-line ECU Tool


1) http://www.premium-tools24.com/files/Immo-Tools/Renault_CAN_ECU_Tool/Connection/

2) http://www.immo-tools.lt/site/files/failai/Connection.rar

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