Why the phone number is not longer available

The phone numbers are now often considered the “trust anchor” in business.

Our phone number was available a long time but we had to remove it from our store.

In some cases, it was very helpful to customers, but we started receiving a lot of weird WhatsApp messages and calls.

about 11pm - 4am from other countries: USA, BRAZIL, AFRICA, NEW ZELAND, TAILAND, etc...

We received a lot of Whatsup messages from unknown people, they send screenshots from our store without any tekst because their english is not enought to comunicate with us. Is very hard to understnd them and what is going an.

When you speak with 2 or 5 people, you ar able to manage with that, but when you have to speak with over 10 at once it is a bit tricky.

After couple days we didn't know who we were talking to and what was agreed. In a word, a big mess.

Sorry, but we can not work like that. That's why email us please:


Thank you for your understanding