T-CAN PRO Tool for Tesla S, X, 3

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Diagnostic and Programming Tool

for TESLA Car Model S X 3

T-CAN PRO has very fast developing software and hardware with small box interface. Can help you solve many problems with the TESLA car "Model S, X and 3".

T-CAN PRO can work with ECU TESLA Model S,X,3

  • 2021.04.07-Radar Continental learning and calibration.
  • 2021.04.06-BMS updated 027 clearing procedure for all versions.
  • 2020.11.16 – Beta Battery Energy data reading by can, factory mode (updated).
  • 2020.11.05 – Global DTC decoding codes update.
  • 2020.10.26 – some Lan functions added.(wakeup,pintodrive,park dtc base)
  • 2020.10.23 – CID commands Service and Factory Redeploy,
  • 2020.10.22 – realtime by can level measure of TAS (EAS) Beta.(add some DTC base)
  • 2020.09.25 – BMS contactor replacement procedure reset u019
  • 2020.09.24 – m3 sdm read, erase dtc by can.
  • 2020.09.21 last update.(Diag,Develop,FMODE by IC,Valet by LAN)
  • 2019.05.23 NEW SDM by BOSH  Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
  • ALERTS – Alerts on CAN bus (read  alerts codes updated BMS 2018.09.14 BETA STAGE !)
  • BDY – Body controller on CAN bus
  • DH – Door Handles – Learn Front Driver Side – CAN BDY -125 kbps (BETA Stage – added 15.07.2019)
  • SDM – Supplemental Deployment Module S model (read,clear fault codes,clear  CRASH log by Boot mode pin.)
  • SDM by BOSH  Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
  • SEC – Security controller (Add Keyfob Key)
  • PARK2 – Parktronic sensors (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes) supported until 06.2016
  • THC – Thermal controller (Airpurge function)
  • EAS – Electronic Airsuspension System (read,decode,erase fault codes, exit service mode ) supported until 06.2016
  • TAS – Tesla Airsuspension System (erase fault codes,clear Crash event, exit service mode ) after 06.2016
  • BMS – Battery control Module (reset alert warnings w163,w026,w152,w153,w023,read softpack)
  • TPMS – Tyre Pressure (read sensor ID stored in memory it usefull if you need to make new non tesla sensor)
  • ESP – Electronic stability system (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes)


What is T-CAN ?

T-CAN PRO is solution/diagnostic tool for Tesla car only

consists of hardware and software


1.    Car Programmer – plastic blue box with info label on top, inside is PCB (Printed Circuit Boards with semiconductors and SIM card). The device does not contain batteries

2. 2 Data cables (type: x437 and x437A) - these 2 cables are used to connect the car to the programmer

3. USB cable – this cable is using to connect the programmer to the PC or Laptop


The software you need to work with T-CAN PRO programmer.

There is no other software.

The software is frequently updated but new version is available directly from manufacturer at your email request.

t-can pro software
T-CAN PRO software

You need to buy software licence to work with T-CAN Pro

T-CAN software licence

YES - You need to buy this hardware and software together

We get a lot of questions... Should I buy the software as well ?

The answer is YES, because the software is a key, it's constantly being developed and improved. The hardware needs this software to work.

The tool we sell separately because hardware has evolved and some customers want to buy only new hardware.


If you do not buy the software together with hardware,

then you will haveto pay again for the shipment

because we have to send you the SIM card which is in the T-CAN inside.


T-CAN PRO software screenshot

more screenshots are available on software page

some features in the new software are not active because the software is constantly developed.

N O T I CE !

The tool is only for professionals garages !
Tesla after 2017 year 
requires a different connector that this kit does not have

What you need to know before you start thinking about Diagnostic Tool T-CAN PRO for Tesla MODEL S & X  & 3

- This Tool is designed for absolutely qualified personnel ONLY ! For those who know Tesla car and CAN network well. 

- You must understand risk of LOOSES if YOU do something WRONG !!! like learning keys or make adaptations of BMS controller.

- You must have skills of electronics

- Nobody will help you if for example do not know simple thinks, example: Before reset an airbag crash data from ECU you need to first replace damaged sensors


You can return hardware but not software.
Hardware can be damaged, faulty and we can replace with new one or refund.

Read more about guarantees and returns in your European Union /read it in your language/

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Software are not refundable     !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Refunds and cancellation policy https://premium-tools24.com/refunds

Once we have sent you the software activation file, you cannot return it.

User Manual is very clear and you can download it together with software pack (link below)

S U P P O R T !

Technical support is provided by the manufacturer via email
you will receive all necessary information together with the license file if you purchase the software.

You need to know that T-CAN PRO has forum (Russian language only)


A lot of people ask about training, We and manufacturer do not provide any training. Sorry.


Connector x437 or x437A  (female) has to be plug into Tesla Diagnostic Connector (male)

If you do not know where is Diagnostic Connector, take a look on video below between 49 sec. - 1.10 mins.:

Work on the bench while developing the T-CAN tool

How to install software, activation file and USB drivers

What you will receive after purchase ?

after shopping you will receive an email with licence file if you bought software

Download the T-CAN-PACK (software + drivers + manual)

Run it without installation and check the features and capabilities of T-CAN PRO

New version is available directly from manufacturer at your email request.

diagrams and other files you can find in our Download section

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