CarProg Repair Kit

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A KIT for all CarProg Users

The Carprog update kit is designed for the comprehensive repair of the CarProg programmer and the A1 adapter

It's confusing, let me explain what this KIT really is for.

The most common damages and problems with hardware :

  • A1 adapter doesn't work on the CAN or K-line bus
  • CarProg unit hardware test failed (Carprog Locked)
  • The unit won't communicate to the PC, Laptop

Even very difficult problems can be fixed by yourself.

Sometimes is broken 12.000 MHz resonator - not often, but good to have just in case.

2.2Ω SMD resistors  - sometimes has to be replaced on the CarProg main board  (in emergency you can just short by solder)

In the most cases 4 chips (74HC125)  on the unit main board is need to replace (all four chips at the same time!)

Usually when CarProg unit hardware test fail or just does not work.

e.g If you will get some component error during the HW Test you have to replace 4 chips 74HC125

The program is very intuitive and usually you follow the instructions displayed on the screen, but you will need A9 adapter.

Let's look at what the program looks like:

My CarProg is not working, HELP!

Do not panic!, very rarely but sometimes the device fails.

The first thing you should do is connect your CarProg to a PC or laptop via USB and test the device with the A9 adapter.

If you don't have an A9 adapter, you can buy it from our store or do it yourself, according to the scheme you will find here

If the CarProg unit hardware test fail or just does not work, usually enough to replace all 4 chips (74HC125) and sometimes 2x 2.2Ω SMD resistors on the main board shown in the picture below.

Upgrade of the A1 adapter

How to solve the problem of lost connection or others?

If the A1 adapter is not working by CAN, replace just the controller (1x MCP2515) that may be damaged

One of the most important modifications is the replacement of 4 22μF tantalum or electrolytic capacitors, will solve "comunication lost" problems.  

Solder them in the adapters A1 and A1+ like in photos below.

or with electrolytic capasitors:

Upgrade of the A1+ adapter

Please update your A1+ adapter: open A1+ solder additional tantalum or electrolytic capacitors then is more stable OBDII communication

Also very important for older CarProg users - change one 1kΩ resistor and solder 120R Ω or in emergency you can just short by solder. 

What will you get?

  • 4x 74HC125M - Buffers & Line Driver
  • 4x 22μF - Tantalum capacitors
  • 1x 12,000 MHz - Quartz crystal resonator
  • 4x 2,2 Ω - SMD Resistors (on the CarProg PCB)
  • 1x MCP2515 - CAN controller with SPI interface

All components are easily available so you can also order them from other stores:

However, if for some reason you do not want to repair it yourself or the repair was unsuccessful, please contact us to send the unit back for repair or replacement.

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