LED-HID Emulator for Tesla S

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LED-HID Emulator for older Tesla S

With 2016 the Tesla Model S got an update

Tesla model S has changed the front fascia and now has a similar design as the Model X, adding adaptive LED headlights.

What's the LED - HID emulator for ?

LED-HID emulator allows you to adapt new LED headlight to older Tesla Model S before facelift. 

The emulator converts analogue inputs to digital and transmits to the LED headlights.

With that EMULATOR you can connect LED (New face headlights) to old Tesla Model S with HID lights.

Applies to Tesla model S with old HID lamps only – Tesla Model S   2012 - June 2016

Who is this emulator for?

For all those who would like to change lamps from HID to LED.

for  TESLA   MODEL „S”   beteen 2012 – 06.2016

What you will receive after purchase

We still receive many emails before buying whether it is one emulator or two emulators?
Answer: It is a set, there are two emulators, one for the left and one for the right headlight.

Common Installation Issues

Installation is very simple, look at the PDF file below

click the red button to view the PDF instruction

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