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Both, our and one of the leading programmers on the car electronics market

The I/O Terminal it is a great tool with a wide range of functionality for many cars. To repair some ECU (Electronic Control Unit), normally you have to open ECU and connect BDM programmer.

The I/O Terminal can offer functions programming ECU without require it to be opened. All procedures can accomplish via CAN/K-line or from OBD in some rare cases.

The I/O Terminal also supports some difficult controllers ECU that are not covered by other tools.

We offer here only hardware: programmer + 2 adapters + USB cable

The programmer works with software for the I/O Terminal, which you can buy separately according to your needs.

There were many questions regarding the differences between the hw7.0 and 10 programmer, we present these differences below.

Difference between the HW 8.0 and HW 10 programmer

HW 8.0 is for users who going to work with more than one software, e.g. SIEMENS, BOSH, DENSO, etc ... each of these programs has a separate SIM card which must be inserted into the programmer before work.

Programamtor HW 8.0 has one slot for SIM card, HW 10 has 6 slots for SIM cards

The HW 8.0 Programmer has also standard OBDII cable which is the equivalent of TYPE1 of the HW 10 set

The possibility of both programmers are identical and work with the same software.

Features of the I/O TERMINAL Multitool HW 10

On the top of programmer there are:

  1. small button to switch between SIM cards,
  2. USB port (computer connection)
  3. No FIAT BSI switch with 120 Ω resistor from the circuit like in HW 8 before

Ad.1) The mono switch is used to switch between the cards you want to use. The LED display at the front of the programer is showing the number of the selected card.

Ad.2) The USB port is used to connect the programmer to the computer

The LCD display on the front of programmer shows the number of selected SIM card in operation.

Below the display there is a sticker, so you can write down number of the SIM slot assigned to the software. (it comes also with spare sticker)

If you have HW 8 - there no sense to buying HW 10 (not many changes)

Most operations are done via the OBD2
without need to open ECU

After purchase you will receive :

  • I/O TERMINAL ECU Adapter (OBDII - DB9)
  • USB 2.0 lead type: USB A/B - 1.8m

No software, no activations or activation files or SIM cards are included by buying this programmer. These are separate elements selected as needed.

Familiarize yourself with the software to learn about the programmer capabilities.

Software, manuals, diagrams and other help files can be found on our download page

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