Motorola Freescale MAC71xx activation for CarProTool

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Motorola Freescale MAC71xx

Software activation for CarProTool

This is only software activation for CarProTool Programmer for Motorola Freescale MAC71xx

To work with this the software, you will need CarProTool Programmer [here]

It help you clear crash data from latest airbag modules.

This software will help you:

  • Read / Write the supported EEPROM memories
  • Erase all the areas of memory (EEPROM, FLASH and Shadow EEPROM backup)

Supported EEPROM's

MAC71x1 | MAC71x2 | MAC71x4 | MAC71x5 | MAC71x6

MAC7101 - MAC7111 - MAC7121 - MAC7131 - MAC7141 - MAC7112 - MAC7122 - MAC7142 - MAC7104 - MAC7114 - MAC7124 - MAC7134 - MAC7144 - MAC7105 - MAC7115 - MAC7125 - MAC7135 - MAC7106 - MAC7116 - MAC7126 - MAC7136

What after shopping?

Your new software will be activated within 24 hours (only business days)

You will be informed by email about it.

Minimum Requirements
Computer Laptop or Desktop
Operating System: MS Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Screen Resolution: 800×600 or higher
Internet connection:  Required !

For more activation ie: airbags, keys,  mileage adjustment, please check tab CarProTool -> Software
more, less it's: 

Freescale MAC72xx JTAG | Freescale MAC71xx JTAG | Infineon XC2xxx JTAG  | Infineon TC2xxx JTAG | Freescale MPC560x / ST SPC560Px0 / SC66705 JTAG | Renesas H8SX R5F6172x | Renesas H8SX R5F61797 | Renesas R5F642xx / R5F2154xx  | Renesas RH850 R7F701x | Renesas RL78 | Renesas / NEC V850 | Renesas / NEC V850E2  D70F35xx  D70F40xx  | Fujitsu Programmer & ODOmeter calibration | VOLVO DDP & PDM Reprogramming | TMS470 JTAG | TMS570 JTAG | FORD TMS470 Code Reader/ DECODER | laupunkt NAVI RNS 310 / Ford Travelpilot FX NX Code Reader  | RCD310 / RCD510 Navigation Code Reader | RCD210 / RCD500 (Renesas M30879) Code Reader  | and more ...

Software, Manulas and other help files can be find in our Download page

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