Mobile Portable Scale - up to 1000kg per wheel

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Mobile Portable Scale - up to 1000kg per wheel

perfect for trailers, motorhome, caravan control weight

For weight control

- Digital display up to 1000kg/wheel

- Check total weight

- Control of partial loads

- Reliable and precise

It has 3 modes !


single axle trailer


passenger car, caravan, motorhome


a two-axle trailer

What this is for ?

For weight control of trailers and caravans, cars, motorhoms etc.... For weighing the support and wheel loads.

  •  It has digital LCD display up to 1,000 kg.
  •  3 x 1.5V batteries required.
  •  Control over total weight and partial loads of the individual wheels.
  •  Suitable for cars, vans, motorhomes, caravans and trailers.
  •  Prevents overloading and uneven loading.
  •  Weight only approx. 1 kg.

Awarded !

Awarded the Golden C by the DCC.

Caravan Weight Control gives you one hundred percent control over the total weight and the partial loads of the individual wheels. With the handy scale, you can safely prevent overloading and uneven loads that negatively affect driving behavior.

Caravan Weight Control works reliably and precisely. 3 measurement programs for caravan with 1 axle and jockey wheel, caravan with tandem axle and jockey wheel, motorhome.

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Technical data

- max. Load 1,000 kg

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