PACE ST 50 - Digital Soldering Station

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PACE ST 50 - Digital Soldering Station

with TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridge Iron

Professional Programmable Production Soldering Station

Designed For Lead Free

PACE's ST 50 features simplified interface with digital display and soft buttons, just push the arrow keys up or down to change temperature from 260-454°C  (500-850°F).

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The most popular of PACE's single channel Soldering Stations, PACE's ST 50 is a single channel, production soldering station with Digital Display and keypad plus a host of programmable features not found anywhere on similarly priced systems!

Standard features include:

  • Digital Display;
  • IntelliHeat Control;
  • Temperature Setback & Auto-Off;
  • Password Lockout;
  • Definable Operating Temperature Range
  • and much more. 

The heavy-duty metal housing makes this system the ideal choice for the harshest environments and the sloped face of the front panel is a standard feature for ease of use.

Primary Features

  •  IntelliHeat Control Technology.
  •  Fully programmable, digital processor, LED Display with soft-keys
  •  Adjustable and accurate closed loop temperature control from 260°C-454°C (500°F-850°F)
  •  Password lockout
  •  Temp Setback and Auto-Off helps maximize tip life and saves on power costs
  •  Tip and Tool Stand with Sponge & Stay-Moist Well, non-abrasive Brass Wool to clean oxidation from tip and holds 6 tips.
  •  Optional Instant Setback Cubby available for extending tip life
  •  Definable Operating Temperature Range
  •  Completely ESD/EOS safe; ESD Grounding jack
  •  Durable aluminum extrusion housing incorporates "T-Slots" for mounting
  •  Can be mounted under bench or shelf with optional Bracket pn 1321-0609-P1
  •  Stackable
  •  Expand capabilities with optional IntelliHeat handpieces: MT-100 MicroTweez, TT-65 ThermoTweez and PS-90 Soldering Iron

Significantly Lower Your Costs with TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridges

The system is packaged with the TD-100 Tip-Heater Cartridge Soldering Iron, considered by many to be the most comfortable soldering handle available, along with Tip & Tool Stand. Crafted by a team of surgical instrument engineers to eliminate fatigue and improve control, the PACE TD-100 is simply the most ergonomic, powerful and easy to use soldering iron on the market today! The handpiece uses a patented Tip-Heater Cartridge which can be changed in seconds, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds flat! Yet TD-100 single point soldering tips cost less than £20  ... compare that to the much higher prices of Hakko, Metcal, Easy Braid, Thermaltronics and JBC tips!

 [ soldering tips are not included, available as an option (above the [ADD TO CART] button) or here. ]


Power Requirements97-127 VAC, 50/60Hz, 90 Watts Max/197-253 VAC, 50/60Hz, 90 Watts Max
ControlLED Display
Control TechnologyIntelliHeat
Tip to Ground Resistance2Ω or less
Temperature AccuracyMeets or exceeds ANSI-J-STD
Absolute Temperature Stability° 1.1°C (° 2 °F) at idle tip temp.
Temperature RangeTip Heater Compatible Handpieces = 205° to 454°C (400° to 850°F) Nominal SensaTemp Compatible Handpieces = 176°(Dial)or 37°C (Digital Display) to 482°C (350°(dial)or 100° (Digital Display) to 900°F) Nominal
System can be Calibrated?YES
Control SystemFeed back zero cross over type
Temperature Range350 - 500°C
Insulation resistanceMore than 100MΩ
Max.Temperature of hot blow400°C
Plug Type44C CEE
Mains lead length5ft (152,4cm)

Comes with:

  • Main Unit - Soldering station St 50
  • Tip-Heater
  • Sponge
  • Brass wool
  • Tool Stand
  • bolt set


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