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Immo Bypass is the software all about immobilisers!

In software you can find : 

 File database          Toolbox          Support via Forum 

Immo Bypass Software

File database - Immo Bypass is an online database of ECU files and repair

solutions dedicated to Engine Control Units (ECUs).

Ecu Files

Thousands of tested & working dumps that you

can download and use in your ECU.


Detailed photos of ECUs and other components,

readable pinouts and wiring diagrams.


You will never get lost in the procedures

thanks to our step-by-step instructions.

Smartphone or computer - It's your choice!

In software you can find:

  • Immo OFF Ecu Files - Files are the majority of our database. These files can be used To permanently remove immobiliser signal in a vehicle.
  • Virgin / Syncro - Clear your ECU and restore it to factory settings, allowing you to adapt it to another car.
  • Emulator - Some solutions require installing an emulator in the ECU. Immo Bypass has ready-to-use files and instructions to make the procedure easier.
  • Key Writing - Program the values of the key code into the ECU memory.
  • PIN - Sometimes it is required to have a security access code to an ECU. PIN solutions in Immo Bypass explain how to calculate this code.

Pinouts & Wiring diagrams

Tested and easy-to-read pinouts for thousands of ECUs in one place. Sounds helpful, right?

Software screenshots

If a solution requires using a third-party software, we will show you how to use it on screenshots.


Toolbox is a set of algorithms we want to share with you and give under your command.
Immo Bypass subscription lets you use these tools with no limits. Some of them are available for free even with DEMO license!

BMW - Get values for Julie Emulator’s EEPROM

VAG Group - CS MAC PIN VIN values calculating / Immo off in eeprom - Bosch EDC17 • Bosch ME17 • Bosch MED17

FIAT Group - PIN + KEY IDs calculating

Universal (All car brands) - IMMO OFF in FLASH / ECU checksum calculating - Bosch EDC17 • Bosch ME17 • Bosch MED17 • Bosch MEV17

Technical Support

Users with active Immo Bypass subscription can use our Official Technical Support.

There are two ways to use it:

1) Ask for help if you have any problem with an existing Immo Bypass solution

2) Ask for your own file modification

And, most importantly, support on the Forum is provided by our professional Technical Experts

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