Emulator ESL - Mercedes, VW Crafter, Dodge Sprinter

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Atocan Emulator ESL for

Merceds Benz, VW Crafter, Dodge Sprinter

Features ESL (E)lectronic (S)teering (L)ock Emulator

  • The emulator is made by Atomis company from Poland using high-quality components.
  • Has protecting from reverse polarity and short circuit of the K line
  • The emulator has a sound signaling.
  • Two mounting brackets
  • Every single unit is bench tested before sale.

Comes complete with pinout information  as you see above in our gallery. 

What is it for ?

Emulator is used to check an electronic steering column lock?

Quick story to better understand. If you are professional just ignore this. (some of  customers just ask for that)

In most countries demand that cars have to be protected against unwanted use by two independent systems. 

Usually cars used to have:

- mechanical door locks 

- mechanical steering column lock. 

This steering column lock blocks the steering in a position slighty off the straight position, so that the car cannot roll off a hill. It is forced into a curve. 

With the introduction of keyless go systems the mechanical part of the car key became just useless. 

Now most of cars is opened by a remote control, and the engine is started with a button, while the car detects the appearance of the car key via a wireless transmitter. 

In order to prevent the car from unwanted use, the steering column still is blocked when the car is not in use. 

Bacause there is no mechanical key to start the engine anymore, the column is blocked by an electronic mechanism, which unlocks the column as soon as you start the ignition.

How does this work?

You do not need to disassemble steering column lock, just unplug the plug and insert three pins from the emulator according to the attached diagram.

The electronic steering column lock is located under the dashboard and is easy to get to.

Only 3 wires need to be connected [ +  - & Data ] 


if the emulator is connected according to the diagram and you're able to run your car, it means that the electronic steering column lock is damaged.

Other applications

You can also use Atocan ESL Emulator to test Ignition Switch on the workbench.

Vehicles Supported:

  • VW Crafter
  • Mercedes-Benz  A-Class W169
  • Mercedes-Benz  B-Class W245
  • Mercedes-Benz  C-Class W202
  • Mercedes-Benz  C-Class W203
  • Mercedes-Benz  E-Class W210
  • Mercedes-Benz  E-Class W211
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W906
  • Mercedes-Benz VITO
  • Mercedes-Benz VIANO W639
  • Dodge  Sprinter (USA version)

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