EGR valve emulator - OPEL-SAAB

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EGR valve emulator EML810/23

The emulaotr is used to replace broken „Wahler“ EGR valve with electrical control

The emulator can be used in cars:

- GM group (Opel, SAAB)

        OPEL / Vauxhall - only supports engines 2.0 and 2.2 equipped with the PSG16 pump. Not support 1.7 and 1.9 or other !

         Saab - supports 2.2 engines

- Mercedes Benz

        it's electrically compatible with Mercedes Benz which use a “Wahler” EGR valves, but the connectors in Mercedes Benz cars a different.

        Emulator installation will require additional wires with “male” and “female” connections on the end of wires.)

It looks more less like that

Please download the PDF installation guide below

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