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The newest programmer to program eeprom memory and processors in circuit. You can also erase crash data, decode radios and more.

You don't have to desolder chip, which improves your work comfort.

Thanks to our programmer you will reduce the risk (of data loss, breaking the memory pin or the processor while soldering out, also no permanent trace of soldering in memory which makes any changes invisible).

You don't have to desolder chip, which improves your work comfort.

  • Erase a car CRASH DATA. On the 03th of March 2018 there were 2252 types of AIRBAG modules
  • Read EEPROM memory content of different drives installed in cars.
  • Decode a Car Radio
  • Read PIN, Immo Off

Supported systems:

24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16,24E161, 24C32, 24C64, 24C128, 24C256, FM24V01, 85C82, 85C92, 93SS092, BAW574252, B58253

25010, 25020, 25040, 25080, 25160, 25320, 25640, 25128, 95256, 95010, 95020, 95040, 95080, 95160, 95320, 95640, 95128, 95256, SP08, 77014, M35080, M35080-3, M35080-6, M35080-V6, M35080-VP, D80D0WQ, D160D0WQ

93C06 x 8, 93C46 x 8, 93C56 x 8, 93C66 x 8, 93C76 x 8, 93C86 x 8, 93C06 x 16, 93C46 x 16, 93C56 x 16, 93C66 x 16, 93C76 x 16, 93C86 x 16, ATMEL752, YAKAZAKI AB, RA57, RA66, RL46, RL56, 59C11, ER5911, S130, S220, S230, S330, S430, S530, BR93H86

pins swap (direct programming via CLIP without plugging the adapters) 93C06 x 8, 93C46 x 8, 93C56 x 8, 93C66 x 8, 93C76 x 8, 93C86 x 8, 93C06 x 16, 93C46 x 16, 93C56 x 16, 93C66 x 16, 93C76 x 16, 93C86 x 16


MC68HC05H12, MC68HC05B4, MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC05B32, MC68HC05X16, MC68HC05X32, MC68HC05E6, MC68HC05P3, MC68HC705E6, MC68HC05L28, MC68HC705B16, MC68HC705P3

MC68HC08AS20, MC68HC08AS32, MC68HC08AZ16, MC68HC08AZ24, MC68HC08AZ32, MC68HC08AZ32A, MC68HC908AZ48A, MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC908AZ60A, MC68HC908AS60, MC68HC908AS60A

MC68HC11A8, MC68HC11E1, MC68HC11E9, MC68HC11EA9, MC68HC11E20, MC68HC11F1, MC68HC11L6, MC68HCP11A1, MC68HC11K4, MC68HC11KA2, MC68HC11KA4, MC68HC11KG4, MC68HC11KS2, MC68HC11KS8, MC68HC11P2, MC68HC11PA8, MC68HC11PH8, MC68HC11KW1

MC68HC12B32, MC68HC912D60, MC68HC912D60A, MC68HC912DC128, MC68HC912DG128, MC68HC912DC128A, MC68HC912DG128A, MC9S12D64, MC9S12DG64, MC9S12DB128, MC9S12DG128, MC9S12DG128E, MC9S12DJ128, MC9S12DT128, MC9S12A128, MC9S12DB256, MC9S12DG256, MC9S12DJ256, MC9S12DT256, MC9S12A256, MC9S12H128, MC9S12H256, MC9S12XHZ256, MC9S12XHZ512, MC9S12HZ64, MC9S12HZ256, MC9S12HN64, MC9S12HZ128, MC9S12XD64, MC9S12XDG128, MC9S12DG256, MC9S12XD256, MC9S12DP512, MC9S12XDP384, MC9S12HXDT384, MC9S12XDP512, MC9S12XEG128, MC9S12XEP100, MC9S12XEP768, MC9S12XEQ384, MC9S12XEQ512, MC9S12XET256

ST6240, ST6245, ST6249

SPC560P50L3, SPC5604-NEW (extra paid option)
The software to read or save the data flash zone in the newest airbag sensors of brands like:
  • Audi, Renault, Honda, VW...
  • SPC560P50L3- (Area : Data, Flash, Shadow, Test)
  • SPC5604- (Area: Data, Flash, Shadow, Test)

MCU RENESAS V850: NEW (extra paid option)
uPD76F0115, uPD70F3333, uPD70F3334, uPD70F3335, uPD70F3336
uPD70F3340, uPD70F3341, uPD70F3342, uPD70F3343, uPD70F3350
uPD70F3351, uPD70F3352, uPD70F3353, uPD70F3344, uPD70F3345
uPD70F3346, uPD70F3347, uPD70F3348, uPD70F3349GJ, uPD70F3354
uPD70F3355, uPD70F3356, uPD70F3357, uPD70F3358, uPD70F3364
uPD70F3365, uPD70F3366, uPD70F3367, uPD70F3368, uPD70F3370
uPD70F3371, uPD70F3372, uPD70F3373, uPD70F3374, uPD70F3375
uPD70F3376A, uPD70F3377A, uPD70F3378, uPD70F3379, uPD70F3380
uPD70F3381, uPD70F3382, uPD70F3383GM, uPD70F3384GM, uPD70F3385GM
uPD70F3421GJ, uPD70F3422GJ, uPD70F3423GJ, uPD70F3424GJ, uPD70F3425GJ
uPD70F3426AGJ, uPD70F3427GD, uPD70F3433, uPD70F3461, uPD70F3464
uPD70F3465, uPD70F3466, uPD70F3469M2, uPD70F3470, uPD70F3471
uPD70F3472, uPD70F3610, uPD70F3611, uPD70F3612, uPD70F3613
uPD70F3614, uPD70F3615, uPD70F3616, uPD70F3617, uPD70F3618
uPD70F3619, uPD70F3620, uPD70F3621, uPD70F3622, uPD70F3624
uPD70F3626, uPD70F3629, uPD70F3634

INFINEON:-NEW (extra paid option)
The software to read or save the dataflash zone in the newest airbag sensors of brands like jaguar, mazda, opel, nissan...
SAK-XC2334B-24, SAK-XC2335B-24, SAK-XC2335B-40, SAK- XC2336B-24
SAK-XC2336B-40, SAK-XC2331B-24, SAK-XC2331B-40, SAK-XC2333B-24,
SAK-XC2333B-40, SAH-XC2361A-56, SAH-XC2361A-72, SAH-XC2363A-56,
SAH-XC2363A-72, SAH-XC2364A-56, SAH-XC2364A-72, SAH-XC2364A-104,
SAH-XC2365A-56, SAH-XC2365A-72, SAH-XC2365A-104, SAH-XC2060M-104,

The software to read or save the dataflash zone in the newest airbag sensors.
MAC7241, MAC7242

NEW - activation A077 (extra paid option)
R5F61721, R5F61723, R5F61725, R5F6172x
Mcu renesas H8SX. Write data by UART.
You can read by JTAG and write by UART.
Crypted and decrypted file made by other programmer , and write by UART , possibility edit data.
The software to read or save the dataflash zone in the newest airbag sensors of brands like HONDA, SUBARU I TOYOTA

White, Green, Blue, Brown, Black.

Improve your work comfort and reduce the time of fixing works.

Basic set consists of:

  • KTest Clip POMONA SOIC-8
  • USB lead
  • Power charger 12V (Plug Adapter UK is not included)
  • All the available activations for programmers (SPC560P50L3 not included).
  • EXTRA +50 tokens (credits) free to spend on all available activations.
  • More than 1000 descriptions available after purchase


Depending on the function, 1 (99%) or more tokens are taken

thanks to tokens you will have access to all functions such as:

  • erasing the airbag crashdata,
  • reading the radio code,
  • the cars' mileage correction
  • reading PIN code etc.
  • and access to over 1000 description

Tokens do not apply to any programmers.

This does not apply to the RENESAS H8SX activation: -NEW -AVELOP A077 - in this activation the programmer is connected with the CRASH DATA reset.

please feel free to contact us for any clarification - [CONTACT]

Software, Manulas can be find in our Download page

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