CarProg Clone LEGALIZATION to FULL version

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CODECARD.LT (ATOMIS company) has introduced the possibility to update CarProg clone to be legal.

This applies to the version:

  • - CarProg FULL (the cost of legalization £1,276.00)
  • - CarProg BASIC (the cost of legalization £320.00)
  • - CarProg AIRBAG FULL (the cost of legalization £957.00)
  • - CarProg IMMO FULL (the cost of legalization £745.00)
  • - CarProg DASHBOARD FULL (the cost of legalization £1,053.00)

We are offering you LEGALIZATION for the software only !

What is the procedure ?

  1. Buy one of the CarProg legalization
  2. Download CarProg Legalization software and Extract to your CarProg folder
  3. Run CarprogLegalize.exe and enter SPECIAL ORDER NUMBER you will receive from us after shopping  ( up to  1 business day ) and press 'Legalize CarProg' button.
  4. Congratulations! Now you are legal CarProg user !


  • - You will be a legitimate software user
  • - Support by Codecard and us, technical support will be available
  • - Software upgrades the customer would already own will be for free. (UPDATE->INTERNET)
  • - Update possibility for new released software in future
  • - Ability to work with legal software online (access to online help files)


  • - Codecard is not responsible for the technical issues related to CarProg clone hardware.
  • - No warranty for the unit and adapters
  • - No guarantee that the software will work properly with the hardware
  • - Technical repair is only a matter of the clone seller
  • - The cost of legalization is high compared to the new original device with adapters and full warranty

We offer legalization for the CarProg BASIC, AIRBAG, IMMO, DASH, FULL but in our store you will find only one offer for the CarProg FULL. Why? Please read the following Pros and Cons.

If you compare the cost of legalization and the cost of the new CarProg with software and adapters. Buying a new genuine CarProg seems to be more reasonable.

If you are still interested in clon legalization, do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare an offer for you.

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