EDC15 Generator for I/O Terminal

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EDC15 Generator for I/O Terminal

the generator allows you to bypass the immobilizer

What is that ? 

EDC15 generator let you send FX,FY and FZ needed signals for I/O Terminal to communicate with BOSCH EDC15 ecus on bench.

Some ECUs wired on bench need immo signal in order to do them.

This generator puts ECU in state which do not need immo signal. This mode works without opening ECU.

Whats that mean ? means you can bypassing/skip the immobilizer

Works with 

You can work with the following ECU's"


Each wire is terminated with a "DuPont" connector to connect with ECU pins.

A crocodile clip please connect to the ground.

Where can I get more information ? 

Generated frequencies by I/O Terminal EDC15 generator perfectly follow documentation, which you can find clicking the link below:


The I/O Terminal EDC generator is powered by 5V from USB or USB phone charger (so, you don't need a computer to powered the generator).

Can i do it myself ??

Sure, the instruction you can find aboowe in PDF.

Frequency generator is using Arduino Nano v3 PCB.

software screenshot

click the red button to go to software and manuals I/O Terminal download section

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