Diagnostic adapter X437A for T-CAN PRO

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Diagnostic adapter X437A

for Tesla Diagnostic Tool T-CAN PRO

Original adapter for T-CAN PRO Tool

Diagnostic Tool T-CAN PRO is the first independent device on the market supporting diagnostics in TESLA model S, X and 3 so far.

To connect to Tesla CAN network we have to use this adapter.

Diagnostic socket x437A is placed in Tesla car under the big dispay screen.


Our adapter is designed to use with T-CAN Tool to work with Tesla S (post 09.2015), Tesla X, and Tesla 3

because in those Tesla cars is used diagnostic connector x437A

Now, this adapter is sold with T-CAN PRO together.

This adapter is for those who bought T-CAN without x437A adapter and now need connect T-CAN to new Tesla cars:

Adapter is working with:

  • Tesla S - after 09.2016 - 2019 with x437A diagnostic connector

You can do it yourself if you want.

To make a adapter you will need a 1 x DB15 male connector and an x437A female connector.

It's used to connect T-CAN with TESLA "S" ( after 09.2015 ) to diagnostic male blue connector in Tesla car

adapter x437a diagram

Tesla Diagnostic Port Connector pinout

female connector - front view

1 = 12V/5A (F219)
2 = CAN4+ Body Fault
3 = CAN4- Body Fault
7 = K/Serial
9 = CAN2 Body +
10 = CAN2 Body-
13 = CAN6+ Chassis
14 = CAN6 Chassis-
18 = CAN3 Powertrain+
19 = CAN3 Powertrain-
20 = GND

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